Thousands of enthusiastic celebrators from all over the country enjoyed a unique musical experience at the 21’st KLEIZMER’s Festival held last Tuesday at the Amphi-Park Ra’anana which merged several styles of authentic Jewish music in to one – the KLEIZMER’s!!

The traditional event, produced by the Adult Education department of the Informal Education administration headed by Deputy Mayor Arieh Friedman was held this year under the slogan “Love your fellow as yourself” in the spirit that characterizes the Ra’anana community.

The Ensemble “Tel Aviv virtuosos”, 5 musicians of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra opened the evening with a variety of well known Kleizmer compositions in a virtuosi performance which proved that they stand to their name. The “Pitzefkes”, A Kleizmer group of the Amit Bar Ilan Art and Science Yeshiva in the guidness of the conductor Gershon Laserson. clasped the audience with ancient Jewish music in a sparkling young performance. They were followed by Eldad Levi with his “Journey to Hashem” (Masa La) project players who excited the masses with spiritual soul melodies, special customs and effects playing on instruments used by the Levyim at the Beit Hamikdash. The last Kleizmer group Halev Ve’Hamayan astound in stirring Irish tempo Kleizmer performance while the group leader Naor Carmi led the group on his double bass and the audience replied in loud applause.

The main attraction of the evening was the performance of Moti Giladi, a performer-singer-cantor with the Kolan choir in a humoristic musical solute to Tovia Hacholev and the fiddler that stays on the roof with no sign of climbing down… The show, a combination of songs, cantor performance and humor sketches including a speech by president Shimon Peres greeting the audience of the KLEIZMER’s performed by Moti Giladi.

The musical manger of the event was the famous conductor Menashe Levran. Golan Azulai lead the evening with humor and charm.

The KLEIZMER’s were held in the presence of Mayor, Nachum Hofri, Deputy Mayor Arieh Friedman head of the informal education administration, Mr. Zvi Koenig the initiator and the chairman of the festival committee, MK Zevulun Orlev, chairman of the Knesset Education, culture and sport Committee, former MK Nissan Slomiansky and Mr Shmaryahu Hermann, Director of religious cultural activities at the Ministry of Education.