The 2010-2011 school year opened as scheduled on the first of September, at all of Raanana’s educational institutions. 13,804 students began their studies at all the city’s preschools and schools.

The municipal inspection department and the municipal security patrols increased their patrols during the first three days of school as well as their presence near the educational institutions, and volunteers from the Road Safety Headquarters were stationed at crosswalks to help the children cross the road safely.

On the first day of school, official ceremonies were held at all the schools to welcome the students entering the first, seventh and tenth grades.

Mayor Nahum Hofree and the entire Education Division management team visited the schools and preschools and the mayor started off the school year by distributing plastic boxes and young resident cards to all of the city’s first graders. These plastic boxes are designed to replace the traditional plastic bags and to encourage the children to protect the environment.

Mayor Nahum Hofree: “My warm best wishes to all the children of Raanana and all the educational faculty on the beginning of a successful, enjoyable, interesting and fruitful school year. Our educational system is a leader in the field of environmental protection activity and in instilling environmentally friendly values among our younger generation. I am hopeful that the food box will become a routine and useful item and will help reduce environmental damage caused by plastic bags.”

In the photo: The mayor presenting the plastic boxes and young resident cards to first graders at Pa’amonim Elementary School. Photographer: Avishai Klein.