The Ra’anana Municipality is the first city in the Sharon to install solar street lighting poles. The installation of 8 solar lighting poles has recently been completed along the Derech Kfar Nachman Street that leads to the cemetery

The lighting poles include LED lighting fixtures connected to a solar installation that generates energy each day from the light of the sun

This is an additional and significant step taken by the municipality in the field of sustainability, energy conservation and environmental protection

The city’s first installation in the city for solar energy production has also been launched and was installed on the roof of the AGAM School for children with special needs. The installation was set up with the authorization of the Electric Company and is expected to supply up to 50 kilowatts per day and in annual terms – 80 thousand kilowatts. The electricity generated will be purchased by the Electric Company in its entirety. The installation will also be connected to the Internet Information System which will serve the school’s students next year for study, monitoring and research of the subject

At many municipal institutions, LED lighting has been installed and at Ra’anana Park, 160 LED bulbs have been installed. LED bulbs are today’s current leaders in terms of their environmental advantages. Energy saving mechanisms have been installed at the educational and public institutions in the city

Mayor Nahum Hofree: “Ra’anana has taken a big, important step in promoting green energy, which significantly helps protect our environment. We invest a great deal in reducing our municipal electrical consumption in order to reduce our need for conventional lighting